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Half Moon Bay Christmas Trees

Half Moon Bay is already well known for its Pumpkin Festival and Mavericks Surf Contest but now more and more people are coming to this quaint coastside town in San Mateo, California to enjoy the holiday season - and find that special Chrismas Tree.

The scenic drive...

Half Moon Bay is located just 25-35 minutes from San Francisco, San Mateo or San Jose. Visitors coming to town enjoy a beautiful drive overlooking the ocean from Highway 1 or a scenic drive with lots of lush and green trees and sometimes even snow if you like to wander around on Highway 35 (Skyline). For a faster arrival come to town before or around 10:00am to avoid traffic and have time to visit downtown for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Best Tree selection, best Overall experience, Competitive Prices...

Simply put, you won't find a better selection of Christmas tree farms and lots anywhere in the Bay Area. Here you get to cut your own tree if you prefer to support the local economy (I hear "other lots" could be selling you Oregon trees), or buy a living Christmas Tree, or get that pre-selected "Oregon or not" perfect looking tree for the best price. If you have kids they will be delighted with train and pony rides, Christmas Carols, Elfs and even Mrs and Mr Santa in person. There are Tree Farms with chickens wandering around your tree and tree lots inside some of the finest Nurseries you'll ever see in the Bay Area. But above all you will find great people who understand farming and plants because they are the 2nd and 3rd generations of long standing family farm traditions. These are not fly-by-night businesses - they know plants and's in their blood.

Great Christmas decoration Stores and dinning...

After your tree is picked and tied down, how about a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a stroll in a dowtown with a small town feeling? Downtown Half Moon Bay, on Main St offers a wonderfull holiday shopping experience with shops like Coastside Books with an excellent selection of cards and new books.

      Xmas Tree Special


Ski Lane 7' to 8' Noble Fir
$71.56 +tax

Ski Lane Christmas Trees is a family business specializing on Noble Firs offering wreaths, garlands, mistletoe and local art and crafts Christmas accessories.  

For more details call (650) 823-0101



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Lemos Farm Christmas Trees

Lemos Farm Christmas Trees

(650) 726-2342  -  
12320 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Half Moon Bay,CA 94019